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Anan No. 1915 - Yamada Ryosuke

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[140725 bayjump] Hey!Say!JUMP - WEEKENDER (OST. Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Neo)

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I just finished reading Grasshopper last night, and I’m dying to ramble about it so I decided to collect some thoughts of the book itself, and also with the upcoming movie in mind! If you don’t want to know anything, this will include spoilers (not the ending though), but if you’re curious to know more about the story, Semi, and what to expect from the movie, this is for you!

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As I did before with Kei and Daiki’s articles, I’ve quickly translated the captions for the photos that Ryosuke provided to the news paper! He talks about his favourite thing, the members, work, and something from his private life in these, so I hope you enjoy them, and as always, please don’t repost without credit!

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What would you want to fix in your body?
- I want to become taller. Ah, I already heard someone say “Yamada, enough with the height-talk” (laughs).

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TV Guide - Summer Drama 2014 Report (Kindaichi Neo, Suikyu Yankees, GTO, etc)

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Gekkan The Television No.29 - Yamada Ryosuke, kindaichi neo report

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TV station - Kindaichi Neo Report (Yamada Ryosuke & Arioka Daiki)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Ryosuke’s the type that gets motivation from his environment. I think he’s a simple person by nature but gets fired up when he senses rivalry. It’s kinda bad and good at the same time.. He pushes himself out of his comfort zone and becomes stressed over it but it also nurtures his character. I wonder why it’s always Yuto-kun?.. I mean don’t you think all the members are worthy rivals?
amakusaryn amakusaryn Said:


I think it’s always Yuto because of their Jr days. When Ryosuke first joined, Yuto was the star junior, he was always getting the center position for dancing, and singing parts, and of course, Ya Ya Yah were seen as senpai, not someone that he would compete with. Yuto was his age, and somehow, he just seemed like he was better; the ideal Jr; and Ryosuke wanted that spot.

Even now, though they’re in the same group, and they are more of friendly rivals (because as Ryosuke said, as Jrs, he kind of hated Yuto), there’s probably always going to be a part of him that will forever compare himself to Yuto. I do think that all the members are worthy rivals, and they all motivate each other to do better, but I feel like he’ll never quite get over that childhood feeling of “why is he always first? I can do better, I WILL do better.” You know?

I agree with your assessment of him by the way, he is simple by nature, and he loves rivalry and always, always strives to do better.

7/15 QLAP - Kindaichi report

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