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28.08 Orisuta - Hey!Say!JUMP (2)

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28.08 Orisuta - Hey!Say!JUMP (1)

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On the 26th it was discovered that Hey! Say! Jump’s Yamada Ryosuke (21) would be starring in his first film role with “Assassination Classroom” live action film. The movie is slated to be released in March of next year.

The original story of the same name is a popular work by Matsui Yuusei that was serialized in the manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”. The 10 volume manga, despite it’s horror themed name, is a comedy. Yamada plays Nagisa Shota of Class 3-E. Suddenly in Class E, a super mysterious octopus type creature has emerged as a teacher. It has many special abilities and declares that it will destroy Earth in one year. The students of Class E are entrusted by the government to assassinate this “Korosensei (Unkillable
Teacher)”. Many strange assassination attempts follow.

Yamada, who stated he was a fan of the original manga, said “I was surprised to hear it was getting a film adaptation and that I had been cast. ” He will also be taking on the challenge of learning how to shoot guns.

Kippei Shiina (50) will be playing the assistant homeroom teacher. Suda Masaki (21) will be playing as Akabane Karma, and MaikaYamamoto (16) will be playing as Kayano Kaede.

Filming begins at 31st August until mid October this year and will be released on March, 2015.

credit : Cinema Today

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I secretly wanted them in a drama together again :3

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Happy 10th Anniversary in JE, Yamada Ryosuke!

( 12.08.2004 - 12.08.2014 )

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